The Upton Brothers Hit Back-To-Back Home Runs, Set Records, Are Monsters

"To answer your question, yes, we have decided to stop being human."

Brothers B.J. and Justin Upton have always been good players. The trick, I guess, was for a club to figure out that they should play on the same team. That unlocks some sort of weird National Treasure scenario where the Uptons decipher a bunch of clues and become DEATH-BRINGING MONSTERS OF BASEBALL. Well, Justin, at least. But B.J. is getting there!

Case in point: The Upton brothers hit back-to-back home runs in last night’s game against the Colorado Rockies, bringing the Atlanta Braves to 15-5 on the season and causing a deluge of statistical footnotes, including

1. Justin Upton now leads the Major Leagues with 11 home runs.

2. Justin Upton has hit 11 home runs in April, setting a new Braves team record.

3. The Upton brothers are the first brother tandem to hit back-to-back homers in the Majors since Lloyd and Paul Waner did it for the Pirates back in 1938.

4. Justin Upton will not high-five you.

For more information on that last one, here are the clips. Back-to-back, natch.

First up, B.J.

Then, Justin.

Fifth note: Justin Upton is currently on pace to hit 99 home runs.

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