This Week In Perpetuating Stereotypes

03.01.12 6 years ago 9 Comments

I was conducting my daily routine of Googling “cheerleaders” among other words, when I came across the above banner image that was taken a few weeks ago. Instantly, my head went into game show mode and I asked myself this million dollar query:

What the hell is actually going on in this photo?

A) The Tokyo Stock Exchange is the happiest place on Earth.

B) Linsanity is at an all-time high, with cheerleaders practically being mauled at courtside.

C) Moments later… TENTACLES!!!

D) These guys are at a job fair.

And shocked I was, as I read all about how the organizers of a job fair in Japan earlier this month hired cheerleaders to get the thousands of unemployed men hyped about walking in circles, handing their resumes to indifferent strangers who probably aren’t actually hiring, and giving that one look that begs without words, “Please… please help me reclaim my dignity.”

Then I thought back to the last job fair I went to and man, cheerleaders would have totally made that Enterprise GM telling me to “Piss off” so much better.

(Images via Reuters.)

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