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Tiger Woods entered Sunday’s round of the Bay Hill Invitational down by five shots. He finished the day with a 67, including a dramatic birdie on 18 capped by a 20-foot putt (pictured) to win the tournament by one shot. Everyone gets all crabby when people root for the Red Sox or the Lakers, but I guess front-running for Tiger is still cool. It’s as if his every conquest is a metaphorical blow to the curmudgeoned oligarchy of the white man. Let us laugh as this distinguished gentleman invades your prissy country clubs and walks off with all your trophies and leaves a really crappy tip for the mayor’s son working in the clubhouse. Ho ho!

Look, it’s still awesome every time he does goes out there and wins. It’s just that if I threw 100 people into the ocean, nobody would start cheering for the shark. The Tiger Woods bandwagon never seems to run out of seats, and yet I still wonder where the fairweather fans get off.

Tiger’s Bay Hill Winner In 2008.

Tiger Hits A Great Cut Shot Off-Camera (00:29 mark)

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