10.08.08 9 years ago 16 Comments

Some people may complain about this post because riding a motorcycle isn’t a sport per se, but to those detractors I retort: Marisa Miller on a motorcycle, bitches.

Unfortunately, these are not posters for my new porno, Easy Ride: Her.  These are new ads for Harley-Davidson’s V-Rod Muscle, and one of them specifically says that I can see more of Marisa if I go to this page.  And it’s a goddam lie.  There’s no Marisa there.  It’s just specs on some stupid motorcycle.

What the hell, Harley-Davidson?  I’m not going to buy a motorcycle unless I think there’s a realistic chance that I’m going to go down to my garage one day, and boom!  There’s Marisa Miller, dressed in leather, waiting for a ride.  Well, thanks to you, I know she won’t be there.  Your motorcycles SUCK.

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