With Leather’s Watch This: Do You Want To Watch A Dog Score A Goal In Soccer? YES.

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Every now and then, someone sends me a video with absolutely no details other than, “Hey, this happened.” And I usually respond, “Well, do you know where or when it happened so I don’t have to simply write, ‘This happened, watch’?” But sometimes a video needs no additional information, because it’s just plain awesome, like this video of a dog scoring a header in a game of soccer.

I’m not sure if the dog was supposed to be on the field or if it’s just a stray and wandered out there, but that header and the dog’s response make me think that this dog is actually a famous soccer player reincarnated. Which player? I don’t know, a dead one.

World Cup Qualifying Match: U.S. vs. Mexico – 7:30 PM ET on ESPN

Can the U.S. sign that dog? The women did it in Air Bud: World Pup and that dog was a boy. So if the rules haven’t changed since then, I think the men should go ahead and kick the tires on this dog.

MLB: Red Sox at Rays – 7 PM ET on MLB Network

The Sox have a massive 7.5 game lead in the American League East and I feel like that happened rather quietly. Then again, I only watch the NL Central and barely ever remember to set my fantasy baseball lineup, so it very well could be the biggest story of the year.

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