Weekend Picks: They Really Did It…

08.27.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

The end of the week is always the best time to pick the weekend’s hottest matchups. We call it Weekend Picks. Because we’re original like that. Home teams are in ALL CAPS.

Tonight: REDS – 1.5 over Cubs. Cincinnati finds themselves in a most unusual predicament: in the middle of a pennant race. Amazingly, that’s not nearly as amazing as what this local was able to orchestrate in her own car.

Falcons at DOLPHINS, over 38.5. Lots of scoring has been happening in these NFL preseason games. I expect Matt Ryan and friends to light it up against Miami here, especially as the starters will be seeing more playing time.

Saturday: USA over Croatia. Am I the only one nonplussed about the NBA’s best playing in a non-Olympic world tournament? It’s a lot more special when it’s, oh, once every four years or so.

West Ham +2.5 over MANCHESTER UNITED. West Ham actually won last week. Besides, how many games have we seen with less than three TOTAL goals scored?

Sunday: Kids over Kids. Little League championship. Sounds like time for a nap.

Tiger Woods over FIELD. Now that America’s favorite Cablinasian has ditched all the baggage, he’s ready to roam free and fly to the top of the all-time majors leaderboard. Just as soon as he grabs a quick bite at this diner…

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