Who Is That Girl That Adam Levine Was Kissing At The Lakers Game?

12.27.11 6 years ago

One of the hosts of NBC’s “The Voice” and the lead singer of Maroon 5, Adam Levine has a tendency to come off a little douchey at times, which is why he’s less than popular within the Uproxx hallways. Alas, these sites aren’t written by teenage girls merely to attract them and Levine is a popular enough celebrity to earn membership into the elite celebrity brotherhood of Los Angeles Lakers fans. Funny, he seems more like a Golden State guy.

Regardless, Levine was at the Staples Center on Christmas Day to watch the Lakers eventually choke away a late 7-point lead to Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls, but I can’t imagine he was too broken up over it. Sitting next to Levine was his Sports Illustrated swimsuit model girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna, and they spent most of the game trying to attract the Mistletoe Camera. Meanwhile, I attended the Orlando Magic home opener last night and I hugged Stuff the Magic Dragon. Advantage: Burnsy.

And because we’re still in the Christmas spirit, you can check out more of Anne’s fine body of work after the jump.

(Banner via AP, the rest via Zimbio and SI.com.)

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