You cannot kill Peter Gammons

09.20.06 11 years ago

Peter Gammons is back, and I say it's about time. This guy is like 800 years old. It should be pretty clear by now that he's immortal, or some kind of bionic sentient being. Like Robin Williams in Bicentennial Man. Um, not that I saw it, of course.

And just why did Gammons need such a long vacation anyway? I don't even know what a brain aneurysm is. A stroke I know is a blood clot in the brain, but an aneurysm? Is that like a… like a what? An explosion of some sort? A spasm? If it's a brain spasm they should just call it a brain spasm. Man, I hate doctors. "Stop smoking." "Stop drinking." "We need to operate if you want to live." They think they know everything.

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