Your Last Chance To Win $250 With Draftstreet Free Fantasy Football

Pro Wrestling Editor

This time, at least.

With Leather is once again teaming up with DraftStreet fantasy sports to bring you a one-day-only fantasy football league that is totally free to play and could win you a piece of a $250 cash pool. It’s so easy, all you need to look like you know what you’re talking about is a football and a football shirt. You probably haven’t made it past the picture of Marissa Miller. If you click her, it makes the picture bigger and super HQ! Just kidding, it takes you to the sign up link for this game, and I’m sorry for that.

How to play:

Click any of the hyperlinks (like this one) to sign up.

The game happens this weekend, and it’s going to work a lot like our baseball games; you’ll sign up (for free, again, I’m not going to make you pay for anything) and pick your team, choosing two QBs, two WR, two RB and so on until you’ve exhausted your salary cap, and the team with the best performance in this Sunday’s games wins money. So do the next five top teams.

And there you go. This is going to sit at the top of the page all weekend, so enjoy Marissa and please, hang out and play with us. I’m playing, and I’d really appreciate knowing I lost to EVERYBODY who could’ve played, and not just Burnsy and Upstate Underdog.

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