Abed The Undiagnosable: Exploring The Theory That The ‘Community’ Character Has Asperger’s Syndrome


In the 'Community' pilot, Jeff Wimger told Abed Nadir he had Asperger's Syndrome. Was he right?


Danny Pudi Got A 'Community' Fan Laid By Autographing A Starbucks Cup

There are a few more moving parts than the title suggests.


WANT: Troy & Abed Coasters

As someone who regularly enjoys beverages and feels more comfortable when their furniture is protected from condensation, I'd pay upwards of double digits for a similar set, even if they don't quite reference Black Hitler often enough.


An Amazing Story About How One Autistic Woman Fell In Love with Abed Nadir


Julia Bascom is an Autistic writer who writes about her disability, and growing up and living as an Autistic woman.


Troy Vs. Abed: Choose A Side With Blankateers And Pillowmen Propaganda Posters

Tonight marks part two of the Greendale civil war between Abed Nadir's Pillowmen and Troy Barnes's Blankateers.


The Best Of 'Community's' #Abed


I was going to hold off on dedicating this segment to Community until next week, but with the news of animated webisodes hitting Hulu a week before the show's full on return I just couldn't help myself.

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