The Best Of ‘Community’s’ #Abed

I was going to hold off on dedicating this segment to Community until next week, but with the news of animated webisodes hitting Hulu a week before the show’s full on return I just couldn’t help myself. Who knows? Maybe we’ll even go back to back weeks if you guys play your cards right.

In the short history of Best of # we’ve already covered Troy & Abed, and we’ve covered just Troy Barnes, but we’ve yet to tackle Abed Nadir, who is not only the most important character on the show but arguably the most important television character of the 21st century. Dan Harmon uses Abed’s mind as a virtual springboard for all the pop culture obsession we love most about the show. Whether it be Goodfellas homages, Dungeons and Dragons, Cougartown inception, or alternate timelines, none of it is possible without Abed running point.

He’s not the hero NBC deserves, but the one Greendale needs right now. Or something like that.