A Plane Had To Make An Emergency Landing After Its Pilot Got Locked Out Of The Cockpit

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A Delta Airlines flight from Minneapolis to Las Vegas took a bit of a scary turn after the pilot was locked out of the cockpit and the flight made an emergency landing.

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JetBlue Is Cutting Back On Legroom And Adding Bag Fees

By | 6 Comments

JetBlue will soon be like every other sh*tty airline most of us all hate.


Want To Avoid The Flu On An Airplane? Here’s Where Not To Sit

By | 2 Comments

It's almost airplane season, and flu season. Here's how to avoid combining the two.


JetBlue Kicked A Mom Flying Home For Her Child’s Birthday Off A Flight For Tweeting About A Delay

By | 14 Comments

Was this JetBlue pilot completely out of line for kicking a passenger off for tweeting about a delay?


The Entire Internet Is Watching This Southwest Flight Attendant’s Stand Up Comedy Safety Announcement

By | 8 Comments

Ever since Marty SWA flight attendant uploaded this vertical tour de force over the weekend it has been viewed over five million times (FIVE MILLION).


New Study: If You Want Cheap Airfare, Plan Far, Far Ahead


Cheap airfare is often an oxymoron, but if you want to save money, better start planning.


The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models Made An Air Safety Video For Air New Zealand

By | 2 Comments

Some of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue models teamed up with Air New Zealand to make a delightful air safety video.


Watch An Airline You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Make Christmas Wishes Come True For Its Customers

By | 7 Comments

An airline, WestJet, acting as Santa Claus? This Christmas miracle is real and it's spectacular.


JetBlue Will Soon Offer High Speed Broadband Wi-Fi On Flights


In comparison with the rest of the airline industry, JetBlue -- typically a forward-thinking company -- has lagged way behind in offering internet access to passengers. Apparently, that's about to change.


Have Airlines Got Their Act Together?


Chances are if you flew on an American airline in October you were a pretty pleasant frequent flyer, because the month marked a huge milestone in modern air travel - not a single flight experienced a long delay on the tarmac.

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