Check Out This Unreleased Footage Of Marlon Wayans’ Audition For The Richard Pryor Biopic

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Marlon Wayans was very close to playing Richard Pryor on the big screen and this unreleased audition footage is proof.


Eddie Redmayne Reenacted His Disastrous ‘Hobbit’ Audition For Anna Kendrick


Eddie Redmayne explains what went wrong during his audition for 'The Hobbit', and Anna Kendrick's reaction was perfect.


20 Years Later, Robert Patrick Can Still Channel His Intense ‘Terminator 2′ Stare

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Robert Patrick whips out his best 'Terminator 2' stare for Conan O'Brien and tells how it freaked out director James Cameron.


Jada Pinkett Smith Brought A Guy On A Leash To Her ‘Gotham’ Audition

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Jada Pinkett Smith (Fish Mooney) and Robin Lord Taylor (The Penguin) have vastly different forms of method acting in 'Gotham'.


Hugh Jackman’s Original ‘X-Men’ Audition Tape Has Found Its Way Online

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Watch the audition that led to seven movies and $2.5 billion in box office grosses.


The ‘Workaholics’ Crew Made A Pretty Fresh ‘Game Of Thrones’ Audition Reel

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The guys from 'Workaholics' have once again made magic with Team Coco in this 'Lost Auditions' video for 'Game of Thrones.'


Tom Hiddleston Auditioned For The Role Of Thor, And The Footage Is Amazing

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Tom Hiddleston was nearly the God of Thunder. Seriously. We've got proof.


Watch Steve Carell In His Original Audition For ‘Anchorman’

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Steve Carell's original audition tape for the role of Brick Tamland was released along with the new Blu Ray version of 'Anchorman.'

why god why?

Leslie Nielsen’s Screen Test for Ben Hur

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I did my best on a write-up of Leslie Nielsen's passing here last night, but for those interested, Roger Ebert the AP did an even longer, more thorough obit (correction: apparently Ebert just quoted the AP, the lazy ass).


Has Steven Seagal lost weight?

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It's only bullsh*t Hollywood nepotism that gets Will Smith's dumb wiener kid a part in the Karate Kid remake while acclaimed martial artist James William Gregory Jr.


Ben Kingsley’s Transformers 3 audition

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I didn't post Heidi Montag's 'Transformers 3 audition' from the other day, because it was kind of boring and the last thing that dough-faced idiot needs is to believe she's interesting in any way.


Friday Free for All: Een Soviet Russia, audition nails YOU

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The other day on the Adam Carolla Podcast (which you should all begin listening to immediately) Adam was talking to Michael Jai White about how there should be a television channel dedicated to playing just TV pilots from the 70s that never got picked up.

viral video

A tribute to Chris Klein

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Rob Delaney, whom you might remember as the Fake Warner Bros guy, is back with a new video, this one a tribute to Chris Klein's Mamma Mia audition from the other day.

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