Ryback’s Thank You Message From The Hospital Is The New ‘David After Dentist’

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Ryback's injured, we guess, and issuing a thank you message for the WWE Universe from his hospital bed. It's ... weird.


Louis C.K. Bought Babe Ruth’s Old House In The Hamptons For $2.4 Million

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Louis C.K. must have loved filming his show in the Hamptons, because he decided to buy Babe Ruth's enormous summer cottage.


Finally, Somebody Let Babe Ruth Rap


It's rare that I get to share something from the Epic Rap Battles Of History on a sports blog, but the latest effort features Lance Armstrong battling Babe Ruth, so here we go.


Epic Rap Battle: Babe Ruth vs. Lance Armstrong


The Babe and Lance Armstrong engage in an Epic Rap Battle.


People Really, Really Like Buying Fake Babe Ruth Autographs

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Obviously, it’s impossible to get a new autograph from a person when he or she is dead, unless you dig ‘em up and put a pen in their hand, in which case you still need a picture for the COA.


The With Leather Wild Art Gallery Presents: Dave Choate, ‘Sports Painter’

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When it comes to sports collectables, autographs and general memorabilia, you could say that I’m a big-time conservative.


10 Other Historical Figures Who Deserve A Movie After Abe Lincoln

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As we all know, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is a factual account of our 16th president's secret life.


If You Tattoo Them Across Your Entire Back, They Will Come

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Mike McWain of Pasco, Washington, has what the Tri-City Herald refers to as "a field of dreams tattooed across his back, shoulders and arms", and whether or not you think it's a little light on the Moonlight Graham and a little heavy on the "God literally holding dead baseball players", you'll be happy to know he spent 11 years and $10,000 on the project.


If You Build It, They Will Lose

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The Chicago Cubs haven't won a World Series since 1908 through some convoluted combination of a goat and Steve Bartman's sumo attack on a foul ball.



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"Babe Ruth is the greatest baseball player that ever lived.



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If you enjoy gossip mongering nearly 90 years after the fact, then Harvey Frommer has the book for you.

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