Watch The New York Yankees Recreate A Classic Scene From ‘The Sandlot’

[mlbvideo id=”53162883″ width=”650″ height=”364″ /]

With just a week and a half to go before their season opener against the Toronto Blue Jays on April 6, the New York Yankees tried a different approach to Spring Training. Several members of the 2015 roster reenacted a famous scene from 1993’s The Sandlot for a promotional video.

Brett Gardner (Scotty Smalls), Chase Headley (Timmy Timmons), Didi Gregorius (Tommy Timmons), Jacoby Ellsbury (Squints), Brian McCann (Ham Porter), CC Sabathia (Kenny DeNunez), and Dellin Betances (Bertram Grover Weeks) certainly pay homage to the classic scene. Once you look past the multi-million dollar contracts these seven guys boast, at least.

Here’s the original clip for reference, and for a look at a pre-Scientology Patrick Renna, the original Ham:

(Via MLB)