Ian McKellen Likes Big Butts, And He Can Not Lie (Plus Afternoon Links)

Today's afternoon links, featuring Hunter Davis doing his impression of Sir Ian McKellen to recite "Baby Got Back" by the esteemed Sir Mix-A-Lot.


Sir Ian McKellen Performs ‘Baby Got Back’

Hunter Davis does a perfect dramatic interpretation of Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back" as if it were performed by world-renowned thespian Sir Ian McKellen.


Enjoy This Supercut Of Movie Characters Performing 'Baby Got Back'

In the process of making this supercut, YouTuber Don Draper Says What employed clips from over 295 movies (that's a sh*tload of flicks, son!) of characters uttering the words Sir Mix-A-Lot so eloquently strung together roughly 20 years ago to describe his feelings of affection for ample-bottomed girls.


'Baby Got Back' Sung by the Movies

Clips from 295 movies used to recreate the classic Sir Mix-A-Lot track.

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