Nicki Minaj twerks for Drake in new ‘Anaconda’ music video

Sir Mix-A-Lot probably never realized that 22 years after “Baby Got Back” became a pop culture sensation a whole new generation would be freaking out over the phrases “My Anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun” or, “Look. At. Her. Butt.” Showing she's still a master of the pop zeitgeist, Nicki Minaj has co-opted “Back” and Mix-A-Lot's rap in her new hit single “Anaconda.” And for an artist who has no problems using her finest physical asset to her advantage the track's music video is all you can imagine and more.

Lots of butt people.  Lots and lots of butt.

Not only does the music video have Minaj slapping other dancers butts and spraying herself with whip cream (we get it!), but she spends the last third of the piece tweaking and teasing none other than Drake. The hip hop artist sits in a chair while Minaj works her magic on him until finally walking away as he bends over and, we assume, overwhelmed.*

*This is meant to insist that Minaj is not a sex object, but, instead, in control of how she uses her sexual powers. Honestly, we're on the fence if it's enough.

The video is directed by Colin Tilley who provides a ton of visual references to Adam Bernstein's original “Baby” video (which pretty much still holds up today). Twirling sexually suggestive fruit? You got it.

Check out the video embedded below and share your thoughts in the comments section.