Behold The Plight Of The Man With Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Old Phone Number

Sir Mix-A-Lot has bestowed many a gift upon the human race, but, inadvertently, he gave a gift to a gentleman named Jonathan Nichols. It was a gift that was also, perhaps, a curse, or at the very least, a mild annoyance. For you see, Nichols has Sir Mix-A-Lot’s old phone number.

It all began in 2012, when Nichols got a local phone number to prepare for applying for jobs after he graduated from law school at Seattle University. He went down to the Verizon store, picked a number he figured would be easy to remember, and, with that simple twist of fate, became a local character of note.

It started with links to musicians and offers sent to an Anthony Ray to come down to car dealerships to take cars for spins. Then, of course, came photos of scantily clad women. One can only assume, given the desired recipient, that they had buns, hon. Nichols would continually, and with some confusion, tell people they had the wrong number. The truth revealed itself when a litany of ladies sent Mr. Ray birthday messages on August 12, including one message that referenced “Baby Got Back.” At this point, Nichols did the research necessary to find out that Anthony Ray, aka Sir Mix-A-Lot, was born August 12.

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, Nichols still has the number. Apparently he hasn’t grown tired of getting messages meant for Mix-A-Lot. Speaking of Mix, he is now aware of Nichols’ plight. His advice, beyond never saying yes to any of the offers to come by a car dealership, is perhaps unsurprising: “Tell him any really sexy pictures — little in the middle, and if she’s got much back — give them the new number.”

There is no word on the whereabouts of Nichols’ posse, provided he has one.

(Via The Seattle Times)