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And The Award For Most Tacky 9/11-Themed Advertising Goes To…AT&T!

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Well you just knew that some bone-headed corporation would run a dumb ad to upset people on 9/11. Enter AT&T.

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Assassin’s Creed III Ad Is Memorable For All The Wrong Reasons

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Seriously, why not set this ad to "California Lovin'"? It would have made just as much sense.

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Getting Kicked in the Nuts > Dealing With GameStop

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Video game retailer Glyde.com has a personal vendetta against cheapskate stores ripping people off with high game costs/low return prices.


PETA Goes After Mario In Their Dumbest Ad Yet

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We'd love to tell you that image at right is a joke or a Photoshop or something, but no, no, PETA actually commissioned that ad (and there's a game that goes with it) about how Mario is wearing a fur suit so he must support the wearing of fur.

this is how they sell stuff in Europe?

“Batman Live!” Has Some TV Ads?


So, while "Spider-Man: Turn Offs Include Men Who Come On Too Strong" has been proving the Marvel Curse that used to afflict the films now applies to stage shows, "Batman Live.

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