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Al Pacino Plays A Horny Has-Been In The Trailer For ‘The Humbling’

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Al Pacino starring in a film based on a Philip Roth novel. Nuff said.


‘The Humbling’ Features Greta Gerwig As A Lesbian Who Falls In Love With A Man, Since That Happened Once

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Lesbian Greta Gerwig falls of Al Pacino in 'The Humbling,' which sounds totally plausible.

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Unfamous Shia LaBeouf Joins Bill Murray And Bruce Willis In ‘Rock The Kasbah’

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Despite his declarations that he's not famous anymore, Shia LaBeouf was more than happy to sign on for Barry Levinson's 'Rock the Kasbah.'


‘The Bay': The Best Horror Movie You’ll Have To Rent This Year

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'The Bay' is probably one of the best horror movies in a while... but apparently not good enough to merit a wide theatrical release.

The Bay

Get Grossed Out With Two More Clips From ‘The Bay’


Lose your appetite with two new clips from 'The Bay'...

The Bay

Here’s A Clip From Disgusting Fish Tongue Parasite Horror Movie ‘The Bay’

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This Barry Levinson directed horror movie looks more promising than you might think...


Fatty to Play Fatty

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Eric Stonestreet, best known for his Emmy-winning role as Cam on "Modern Family," will portray Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle in an HBO movie.


Al Pacino is in the John Gotti movie now, supposedly

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This John Gotti biopic project, which always sounded more like some slimey producer's <a href="" target="_blank">wishful thinking</a> passed off as reality over starlets and cocaine than an actual movie that was getting made, is really happening, at least if Variety is to be believed.

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Wahlberg developing basketball drama with Justin Bieber. Wait, what?

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If you saw Zac Efron crooning sweet songs to his basketball in High School Musical and thought, "Hmm, I like the sports angle, but.


Al Pacino’s first commercial could’ve been so much better

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Al Pacino has broken down and filmed the <a href="">first commercial</a> of his career, an ad for Australia's Vittorio Coffee for director Barry Levinson, who directed Pacino in the Kevorkian biopic <a href="" target="_blank">You Don't Know Jack</a>.



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This is the video for Owl City's fruity song, "Vanilla Twilight.

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