Bat Tumbler

Lego’s New Batman Tumbler Is Going To Make Master Builders Jump With Joy

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Available on September 1, Lego's newest version of the Batmobile uses more than 1,800 pieces and costs a whopping $199.


‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Is The Latest Game Delayed To 2015 (Plus Batmobile Footage)

By | 15 Comments

'Batman: Arkham Knight' is the latest game delayed to next year, and the one that hurts the most.


‘Batman Vs Superman’ Behind-The-Scenes Photos Give A Good Look At The Batmobile

By | 7 Comments

We have two behind-the-scenes photos offering the best look yet at the overall design of the new Batmobile in 'Batman vs. Superman'.


Zack Snyder Teases A Look At The New Batmobile’s Ass

By | 40 Comments

Zack Snyder teases the new Batmobile Ben Affleck will drive in Batman vs. Superman.


The Flatmobile Is Like The Batmobile, But Flatter, Because You Need That


So here's something we somehow didn't know existed until today. It's called The Flatmobile, as it's modeled after the Batmobile.


This Batman Tumbler Golf Cart Should Be At The Top Of Your Holiday Wish List


For $17,500, you can buy this one-of-a-kind Batman tumbler golf cart on eBay so you can battle the Riddler and Penguin on the 18th green.


We Must Posses This: A Batman Fan Is Selling A Real, Working Batmobile

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If you're one of those vigilante billionaire types, you can now get a working Keaton Batmobile replica at auction.


Batman Fan Builds “The World’s Only Turbine-Powered Batmobile”

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Casey Putsch of Putsch Racing wanted to build a Batmobile modeled after the one in Tim Burton's 1989 film, but he didn't want the typical replica with a General Motors 350 salvaged from a junkyard.


This is the Custom Car Gotham Deserves

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Bob Dullam, a props artist from Michigan, deserves some props himself  -- *lifts megaphone, waits for feedback to subside, clears throat* SEE WHAT I DID THERE.


The Worst Batmobile? Au Contraire, Mon Frère

By | 4 Comments

Jalopnik is calling this the "world's worst Batmobile," so now I have to find Bugs Bunny's glove to slap them with.

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