New ‘Batman V Superman’ Set Pictures Show Civilian Backlash And A Huge Spoiler

More spoiler-ish photos are being snapped on the Detroit set of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. This time we’re seeing we weren’t the only ones perturbed by how casually Superman destroyed buildings in Metropolis instead of luring the fight away from civilians.

The first several photos below show protesters carrying signs saying things like Super Death (I love that band) and the amusingly sarcastic Thanks for the “help”. Meow. We definitely enjoyed those signs more than the creepy one with a swastika and the anti-alien ones. (The Moon shall rise ag’in!)

Continue past the pictures of the protesters if you want to see an interesting, familiar-looking building and a potentially huge spoiler involving Lois Lane.

Our source, Tim Reinman, speculates this building may be standing in for Wayne Manor. Construction was done to add more Gothic elements (including a huge chimney) and an actor’s trailer outside was marked as “Alfred’s” trailer. It wouldn’t be difficult to CGI some extra wings onto this house in post-production, if this is supposed to be Wayne Manor.

OMG, you guys! It’s a new version of the Batmobile!!!1!

Okay, back to the real set photos. Don’t scroll down unless you want the spoiler involving Lois Lane.

Seriously, there’s a spoiler coming. You may not want to know about it yet.

Don’t say we didn’t warn ya.

You might have to click on those pictures for the non-cropped versions, but that’s an engagement ring Amy Adams is wearing as Lois Lane. That’s a simpler ring than Amy Adams’ real wedding ring, in case you were wondering if it were her own ring. It’s not. So is she engaged to Superman already?

Via Tim Reinman