Meet The Man Who Built His Own Street Legal Batmobile And Uses It To Help Out Make-A-Wish Kids

Zac Mihajlovic is a man who loves his Batman. The Camden, Australia native managed to build his own version of the Batmobile using actual parts of the original from the 1989 Michael Keaton film and the skills of engineer father. What set’s Mihajlovic’s Batmobile apart from other versions around the globe is the fact that it is street legal, even with a working afterburner.

As you can see in the clip, he drives it around and even takes his girlfriend out for the occasional drive down the highway. It’s all good until the news helicopters start to chase you.

The best part is how he uses his status as a super Batman fan for good, volunteering his car to help out the Make-A-Wish foundation. Mihajlovic even puts on the Batman costume to surprise the kids and take them for a ride in the car. It’s no Bat-Kid in San Francisco, but it’s still pretty special.

(Via Toybox / Barcroft Cars)