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David Letterman Tried His Hardest To Get Ryan Reynolds To Reveal His Baby’s Name

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Ryan Reynolds is steadfast in keeping the name of his baby with Blake Lively a secret for now.

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Here’s The Tricky Way Amber Tamblyn Found Out Blake Lively Had A Baby


Blake Lively pulled a prank on her good friend Amber Tamblyn to introduce her new baby.


Which Famous Couple Tops Vivid’s Celebrity Sex Tape Christmas Wish List?

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Say what you want about Vivid Entertainment and the porn company's love of "leaked" celebrity sex tapes, but at least founder Steven Hirsch likes to give famous people a heads up.


Listen To Aziz Ansari Recount The Times Blake Lively Ignored His Text Messages

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Aziz Ansari got *thisclose* to dating Blake Lively back in 2011, but if memory serves she went with Leo DiCaprio instead. Typical.


Honest Trailers Finally Shines A Yellow Light On ‘Green Lantern’

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Screen Junkies just debuted a much-belated but much-appreciated Honest Trailer for 'Green Lantern'.


Blake Lively And Amber Heard Are Rumored To Be After A ‘Bond’ Girl Role

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Rumors have it that Amber Heard and Blake Lively want to be the next Bond girl. These are great options.

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9.12 The Cooler

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Elease Donovan The 25 Greatest Outdated Rap Slang Words [Passion Of Weiss] 10 Things You Didn't Know About "The Blueprint" [Complex] The Weeknd Inks Deal With Universal Republic; Preps Trilogy Release [HHW] The Fall Of Curtis: How September 11, 2007 Changed Everything For 50 [...].


Confused Twitter Users Thought That Blake Lively Married Ryan Gosling

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Yesterday, we brought you the interesting story about the super secret wedding of Green Lantern and Van Wilder star Ryan Reynolds and actress Blake Lively that took place at the Boone Hall Plantation in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.


Ryan Reynolds Married Blake Lively At The Mansion From ‘The Notebook’

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By now, bros and babes everywhere have gone through significant mourning periods, with the news that leggy fox Blake Lively secretly married chiseled dude Ryan Reynolds over the weekend, despite knowing that he was in both Green Lantern and Blade: Trinity.


Which Version Of 'Savages' Would You Rather See?

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Savages opens tomorrow and despite looking fantastically violent, trending fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, and featuring the most Blake Lively sideboob of any film in 2012 it feels a little untalked about. Maybe Travolta Handjobgate has something to do with it. I'm not sure.

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This Week in Posters: Remakes and Remakes and Transformers 4

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It's time for another installment of This Week in Posters, and this week C-Tates and friends are here to kick this party off right.


It's The 2012 FilmDrunk Summer Movie Guide!

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With Rotten Tomatoes scores currently throbbing at 97% (critics) and 98% (audience expectations), Marvel’s The Avengers is the perfect film to kick off the summer movie season this Friday.

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Skee-ball Golf And Friday Morning Links


The only way this is actually skee ball is if the guy who runs the course has to come over, open it up and fix it every 15 minutes.


4.6 The Cooler

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Leah Oprah Winfrey Admits That Starting “OWN” Was A Huge Mistake [GOT] African-American Journalism Pioneer Gil Noble Passes Away At 80 [Hip-Hop Wired] President Obama Is A Fan Of ‘Star Trek’ [Life Files] Can You Stand a Little Country in Your R&B.


Blake Lively gets double teamed by drug dealers

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MTV just released the trailer for Oliver Stone's Savages, but since that version is region-locked, I've got your YouTube copy after the jump.

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Comic-Con Bingo Lets Us Discuss Comic-Con Under The Guise Of Making Fun Of Nerds


I can only think of two ways I'd attend Comic-Con: as Blake Lively's date or if I could turn it into a drinking game, which Comic-Con Bingo by Comedy Central Insider pretty much does so I fully support it (I carry this flask around to drink whenever I see a really excited goth anyway).


Blake Lively May Play Star Sapphire. Did Somebody Say Cosplay Gallery?

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Warner Brothers planned on making Green Lantern a franchise with plenty of sequels, so it would make sense for the Carol Ferris character played by Blake Lively to become Star Sapphire at some point.


Green Lantern: A Tale of Two Jizz Fogs

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I wish I could tell you that Martin Campbell fought the good fight, and actually attempted to make a good movie.


Eight New Green Lantern Clips And A Huge Gallery Of High-Res Pics


Warner Brothers released eight clips from Green Lantern (opening June 17th), a total of just over eight minutes of CG-heavy footage.

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