Blake Lively Is Teaming Up With Diablo Cody To Adapt The Renegade 1950s Housewife Comic ‘Lady Killer’ For Netflix

Despite having taken up MMA, Blake Lively has had a spotted history with action stardom. On one hand, there’s The Shallows, the delightfully minimalist thriller where she battles (though really out-wits) a shark. On the other, there’s The Rhythm Section, one of the last movies to bomb before the pandemic all but shut down the movie industry. But this should bump up her average: According to Deadline, she’s teaming with Oscar-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody to adapt a violent comic for Netflix.

That comic? It’s Lady Killer, from Dark Horse Comics, the Oregon-based line that has birthed the likes of Hellboy, The Mask, and Frank Miller’s Sin City. The premise, as per Deadline:

By all appearances, she is the perfect 1950’s housewife. But when she’s not catering to the needs of her family, she leads a secret life as a highly-trained killer for hire. She really likes the second job, and her husband has no idea.

So it’s True Lies, but about a 1950s housewife, which is a pretty solid pitch. The comic line has a first look deal with the streamer, which has so far given them Umbrella Academy and Polar, with the Tiffany Haddish-starring, McG-helmed Mystery Girl en route. Cody, meanwhile, was tasked with writing the big biopic about Madonna, which will be held my no less than the pop goddess herself.

(Via Deadline)