Bobbito Garcia’s Confessions Of An Air Force 1 Addict

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Nike's been celebrating the 30 year anniversary of the Air Force 1 all year and we wanted to take a minute to recognize one of the men who plays a significant role in the model's relevance.

The Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Show

Stretch & Bobbito – Valentine’s Day 1997

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<a href=""> Before Valentine's gets into full swing, we offer up this audio morsel, courtesy of <a href="">Dirty Waters</a>.

#Kanye West

The Week That Was: The Too Raw For Wal-Mart Edition

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Looking back at what a grand, content-filled week it was.

WCKR Radio

Stretch Armstrong And Bobbito’s Final WKCR Show

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<a href=""> The Stretch & Bobbito show borders on legendary for breaking the mold by putting raw, new music on the air and the relationship between the host providing commentary and comedy. In my arrogant opinion, a music collection isn't complete unless you have at least a handful of their recordings, much like checking someone's bookshelf in order to gauge them as a person. I don't care if you have actual audio tapes stashed or a loose collection of mp3s tucked in file folders on a hard drive somewhere, owning at least a piece of their show moves you from casual fan of music to one who knows the culture. If you don't own any, now would be a good time to start and work your way backwards since last night's show was the last hurrah. After all the years, Columbia U decided to <a href="">pull the plug</a> on the show.


Bobbito Garcia x Pro-Keds Royal Flash Sneakers

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There was a time in life when having a pair of <a href="">Pro-Keds</a> meant something.

The Wonder Of Stevie

“The Wonder Of Stevie…”

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I've read several different autobiographies & biographies over the past several months.


“You Must Learn!”

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So, it's been a few since <a href="">the last time</a>.

WKCR Radio

Stretch Armstrong And Bobbito – Freestyle Frenzy (1992-1994)

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I'm not even sure if Stretch has posted this on <a href="">KK</a> yet.

The Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Show

Stretch & Bobbito

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In these days of Clear Channel, I'm glad <a href="">Stretch</a> is bloggin' and offering up examples of what the radio frequencies used to sound like.

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