Bobbito Garcia’s Confessions Of An Air Force 1 Addict

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Nike's been celebrating the 30 year anniversary of the Air Force 1 all year and we wanted to take a minute to recognize one of the men who plays a significant role in the model's relevance.


NYC Vs. LA: Dime Hosts Sprite’s Uncontainable Courts Series


A few weeks back, we were asked to produce and "host" a short video series with Sprite that compares and contrasts playground basketball style and culture in New York City and Los Angeles.

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Dime Q&A: Chris Andersen & Lou Williams Talk Converse, Kicks, Tattoos, Hip-Hop & NBA Lockout

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The other day, our friends at Converse held an event in NYC to showcase their two new basketball sneakers - the Converse DEFCON and Converse Pro Leather 2K11.

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Baby Shaq Powers His Way To Red Bull King of the Rock Title

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It was the greatest 8-to-6 basketball game you'll ever see.

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The Week That Was: The Too Raw For Wal-Mart Edition

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Looking back at what a grand, content-filled week it was.

Red Bull 2on2 Revolution

Bobbito Garcia Wins Battle of Master vs. Pupil

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When Banri "Bang" Takenouchi (Photo, right) moved from Japan to the United States roughly five years ago, he did so with one intention: play basketball in tournaments across New York City.



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Words: Bobbito Garcia, Bounce Magazine SEEDS Academy scrimmage on my last day in Senegal.

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Converse “Heaven Is A Playground” Event In NYC

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Last night, Kellan White and I hit up the "Heaven is a Playground" Converse event that took place inside a small art gallery in Manhattan's Lower East Side.


Bobbito Garcia x Pro-Keds Royal Flash Sneakers

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There was a time in life when having a pair of Pro-Keds meant something.

The Wonder Of Stevie

“The Wonder Of Stevie…”

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I've read several different autobiographies & biographies over the past several months.


“You Must Learn!”

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So, it's been a few since the last time.

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Stretch Armstrong And Bobbito – Freestyle Frenzy (1992-1994)

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I'm not even sure if Stretch has posted this on KK yet.

The Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Show

Stretch & Bobbito

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In these days of Clear Channel, I'm glad Stretch is bloggin' and offering up examples of what the radio frequencies used to sound like.

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