Here Are The Most Cripplingly Boring Answers From Lance Storm’s AMA

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Pro wrestler Lance Storm participated in a Reddit AMA, and the answers were so boring they might put you in a coma. Thanks, Lance!


Any Of You Nerf Herders Want Some ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Set Photos?

By | 17 Comments

Yes sir, these are definitely set photos from 'Star Wars: Episode VII' and they might reveal something about a giant circle.


Ben Askren Is An ‘Unrestricted Free Agent’ And Feels Pretty Confident About His Chances

By | 3 Comments

Bellator's Welterweight Champion Ben Askren was officially released and has his eyes set on beating whoever he wants in the UFC.


With Leather’s Watch This: A Russian Soldier Doing No-Armed Push-Ups


As someone who is naturally sculpted and forged from flesh and iron, when <a href="">my buddy Chris at Dog and Pony Show Tweeted a video</a> of a guy doing no-armed push-ups, I thought for sure it was about me, but it turns out that someone else on this planet is capable of such a feat with his feet.


The Indiana Jones Mail Story: The Incredibly Thrilling, Mind-Blowing Conclusion

By | 7 Comments

Last week, Vinnie brought us the mysterious story of <a href="">a package that arrived at the University of Chicago admissions department</a>, addressed to one Henry Walton Jones, Jr.



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AL -- Evan Longoria homered for the third straight game and Scott Kazmir returned to his early season form, allowing just two hits in seven innings as the Rays <a href=";_ylt=AmqtoVibo7kw20RXoLTQincRvLYF?gid=280721130&prov=ap" target="_blank">shut out Oakland 4-0</a>.

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