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George Clooney Is Basically The Rusty Venture Of ‘Tomorrowland’

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'Tomorrowland' will feature George Clooney as a bitter former boy genius and probably some form of giant robots. Disney, that was all you needed to say.


'Tomorrowland' Plot Details Explain What Hugh Laurie And George Clooney Are Up To

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We finally have an idea of what 'Tomorrowland' is about, and it involves alternate dimensions and robots and a theme park.


It's Hugh Laurie Versus George Clooney In Brad Bird's 'Tomorrowland'


Hugh Laurie is in negotiations to play the villain in Disney's 'Tomorrowland', which stars George Clooney. Let the battle of the TV doctors commence!

Brad Bird

Colin Trevorrow Hopes To Make His Next Project (Which May Be 'Star Wars') "Not Suck"

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An interview from June suddenly seems less cryptic now that we know that Colin Trevorrow is being considered for 'Star Wars: Episode VII'.

Brad Bird

The Man Who Should Direct 'Star Wars' Says That He Won't Direct 'Star Wars'


The director of "The Iron Giant" has no interest in "Star Wars," will instead work on a different project.

George Lucas

Is Brad Bird Directing Episode VII? Let The Conspiracy Theories Commence!

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Is Brad Bird directing Star Wars: Episode VII? Probably not. BUT...still probably not. BUT BUT...


Brad Bird says the media is being unfair to John Carter

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A lot of people talk about media coverage of movies, but few of them understand it first-hand as well as Brad Bird.

Brad Bird

New Photo from Mission Impossible IV

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Paramount released this new publicity still from Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, starring Tom Cruise, Paula Patton, Simon Pegg, and Jeremy Renner, from director <a href="" target="_blank">Brad Bird</a> (Ratatouille), opening December 21st.

Brad Bird

The official Mission Impossible 4 trailer

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The trailer for Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (one colon, one dash, no number) just hit the web, and it has all the thrills, chills, and Eminem rapping about Tom Cruise one could possibly hope for.

Brad Bird

Jeremy Renner joins Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible IV

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In a desperate hope that people might starting giving a sh*t about the franchise, Paramount has cast The Hurt Locker's Jeremy Renner in Mission Impossible IV.

Brad Bird


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<a href="" target="_blank">The Hollywood Reporter</a> reports that Incredibles/Ratatouille director Brad Bird is at the top of the list of directors Paramount wants for the JJ Abrams-produced Mission Impossible IV, which is set for release in 2011, just like my balls.



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This is the final, full-length trailer for Pixar's Wall E, directed by Andrew Stanton of Finding Nemo/The Incredibles fame.

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