George Clooney Junks A Ton Of Evil Robots In These New ‘Tomorrowland’ Clips

If you were worried that all the talk about hope for the future and joy in discovery around Tomorrowland meant this wasn’t going to be a movie where a robot’s head pops off like a cork, well, the clip above should put your concerns to rest. The movie looks like it’s going to have a ton of action, as well as, you know, joy at the idea of the limitless creativity and invention at the center of the human spirit.

Also, if you’re wondering how that pin works, there’s a second clip, which is mostly Disney just showing off how good the effects work is in this movie:

That shot of Britt Robertson whipping through a wheat field on an invisible truck gets me every time. If you’re looking for even more new footage, you can also find it sprinkled over two making-of featurettes, one about the overall concept of Tomorrowland and one about the cast which features George Clooney trolling Brad Bird. And, of course, we’ll be able to see the whole thing May 22.