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Brandon McCarthy Went Out Of His Way To Show Dodger Fans What He’ll Look Like In His New Uniform

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New Dodgers pitcher Brandon McCarthy isn't paid to be an artist, and that's probably a good thing now that we've seen his work.


10 @Midnight Guests We’d Really Like To See

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Comedy Central's @midnight has become a huge success. Here's some contestants we'd like to see on the show.


Brandon McCarthy Takes a Line Drive to the Head


Erick Aybar hit a screaming line drive right off the side of Oakland A's starting pitcher Brandon McCarthy's head during this afternoon's game.


Brandon McCarthy Is My Favorite Player

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He should be your favorite player, too.


Morning Links: I For One Welcome Our New Commenting Overlords

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Welcome to day one of With Leather's "Make People Say Stuff" Initiative, where we stop openly begging you to comment on posts throughout the day and try to lure you into an Inception'd sense of commenting urgency with a new social set-up, complete with incentives and, once we figure out what to give you, WONDERFUL PRIZES.

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