Meanwhile, In Florida: Congressman’s Wife’s Leaky Breast Implant Postpones Bigamy Trial


A Florida congressman's wife sued him for divorce. He countered with accusations of bigamy. Her implants couldn't handle the stress.


A Nice Lady Smuggled Over Three Pounds Of Cocaine In Her Breast Implants

By | 4 Comments

Smuggling cocaine in your fake boobs is the perfect crime, until you're caught.

porn stars

A Porn Star Has To Choose Between Her Size O Breasts And Her Life

By | 36 Comments

Porn star Elizabeth Starr has been told by her doctor that she either needs her Size O breasts removed or she might die from blood clots.

national health service

An English 'Glamour Model' Is Suing The NHS Over Her Free Breast Enhancement

By | 22 Comments

A 23-year old aspiring English glamour model named Josie Cunningham is suing the NHS after she claimed that he free breast implants ruined her life.


That Can Happen!? Woman’s Breast Implant Ruptures While Gaming.

By | 6 Comments

A woman in Beijing reportedly suffered a ruptured breast implant after laying on her stomach in bed during a gaming session lasting longer than four hours.

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