An English 'Glamour Model' Is Suing The NHS Over Her Free Breast Enhancement

A 23-year old single mother of one and glamour model named Josie Cunningham took advantage of the United Kingdom’s National Health Service back in January, as she complained that her A-cup breasts were making her feel a little down in the dumps. So the NHS ponied up roughly £4,800 for her breast augmentation surgery, and the result was a set of 36DD attention-grabbers. If you’re unfamiliar, that’s one bloody large jump in cup size.

Now, though, Cunningham claims that she’s the subject of ridicule and online bullying, as her boob job is simply too large, so she’s suing the NHS for as much money as she can get, while claiming that the doctors gave her no choice and upgraded her Fiats to a pair of M1 Abrams.

“I want in excess of £10,000. Anything I can get over that is a bonus.”

The telesales worker, from Leeds, added: “I was rushed through the process. I didn’t actually ask for 36DD — I would have been happier with a B cup.

“But they told me that because I didn’t have any breast tissue I’d have to go for bigger breasts. They haven’t helped me one bit. In fact, my life is ruined.” Before Josie sues the NHS she says she will still take up its offer of £1,500 of BOTOX for her excessive SWEATING. (Via The Sun)

To her credit, Cunningham seems to be handling the “haters” and bullies pretty well on her Facebook page, if it as actually her page and not a strange parody. But she’s also not helping her cause by posting pictures of money and essentially bragging about how she worked the system in order to get a free breast enhancement so she could try to follow in the footsteps of actual “glamour models” like Katie Price and Jessica Jane Clement. Either way, Cunningham might not want to quit her day job just yet.

(Banner via Shutterstock, above image via Josie Cunningham’s Facebook)