Corey Feldman clarifies that Michael Jackson was the only adult who *didn’t* molest him

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In some ways, the modern celebrity memoir tour has almost done a disservice to abuse victims.


Klaus Kinski's daughter says he raped her for 14 years, starting when she was 5

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Klaus Kinski was a Polish-born German actor best known for being the leading man in five or six Werner Herzog films in the seventies and eighties.


Andy Garcia was almost in Big, but the studio said he was “too Puerto Rican”

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Penny Marshall recently wrote a memoir, My Mother is Nuts, which is apparently full of Hollywood stories in addition to the usual blah blah my family stuff that's always in memoirs (kudos to Penny for not revealing some decades-old story of molestation and/or drug use to promote her book, that alone speaks to her being a class act).

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