Listen To David Spade Tell A Great Story About Wearing A T-Shirt With His Own Face On It To School As A Kid

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David Spade appeared on The Howard Stern Show on Monday where he told a story from his new memoir, Almost Interesting. Hitting shelves this week, the comedian told a story to promote his book that pretty much anyone who had an awkward adolescence can most likely identify with.

As he says, his dad left his family at an early age, so there was no one to stop his mother from buying super ill-advised personalized gifts for him and his brothers on Christmas. He says that while his two brothers got a coffee mug and pillow case with their school pictures emblazoned on them, little Davey got an actual T-shirt with his own face on it, and to make the shirt even cooler, it apparently had “Dave” printed underneath the picture. Just in case anyone forgot who this super cool guy was!

As he says, partly out of not wanting to hurt his mom’s feelings and partly because deep down he thought having a T-shirt with his own mug on it was secretly pretty cool, Spade says that he decided to wear the shirt to school one day. Did I mention that he was in sixth grade at the time? Yeah. It did not go well for him.

I could elaborate, but honestly it’s funnier to hear him tell it, because this is the hardest I’ve laughed at David Spade in a long time.

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