Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen Went On Another Bizarre Twitter Rant About ‘Two And A Half Men’

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Don't get too excited yet for the triumphant return of Charlie Sheen to 'Two and a Half Men'...

Charlie Sheen

Here’s A WINNING Ranking Of Charlie Sheen’s Most Charlie Sheen-iest Moments

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Charlie Sheen has done some crazy sh*t over the years -- even just the past four -- so let's revisit the craziest of them all.


“I live inside the truth.” The best quotes from Charlie Sheen’s Howard Stern interview.

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Charlie Sheen's all-out, F-18 media napalm attack continued today with interviews with Piers Morgan and Howard Stern, and I'm sick of pretending that covering Charlie Sheen is not just bitchin', all-out winning every second.


Charlie Sheen: “Resentments are the rocket fuel that lives in the tip of my sabre.”

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Charlie Sheen is doing it <a href="" target="_blank">live right now on TMZ</a>, and it's a little silly to pretend anyone's doing anything else but sitting here under our troll bridges with our ugly troll wives and being in awe of this outer-space warrior king.


Charlie Sheen has “tiger’s blood and adonis DNA”

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Charlie Sheen is still doing interviews, and mother of God, it just gets better and better.


Frotcast 36: Fun with Charlie Sheen

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(the player below takes a second to load.


Alex Jones deserves a meme too

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With all the hubbub about Charlie Sheen -- it's impossible not to parody, and I'm more guilty than anyone -- I thought it was important, in discussing his four-dimensional yacht seen by only the gnarliest of gnarlingtons (which <a href="" target="_blank">killed his TV show</a> and the jobs of the entire crew), to also remember the scummy butthole who was egging him on the whole time.

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