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Turning Chickens Into Dinosaurs… What Could Go Wrong?

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Paleontologist Jack Horner's wanted a pet dinosaur for years.


Are T-Mobile and AT&T Really Merging?

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On Monday, T-Mobile users learned just how much their love and respect for their company was worth when Douche, er, Deutsche Telekom announced it was selling its T-Mobile USA operations to AT&T, better known to mobile users as the network that thinks dropping calls in New York City 30% of the time is acceptable service.


Why Did DC Delay “Batwoman #1″ Again?

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"Batwoman" has been supposedly on the cusp of being released for, literally, years.


Lost And Found: 50 Of The Internet’s Greatest Missing Posters

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Back in the month of October in the year of 2010, my esteemed Uproxxian colleague Chodin delivered us a nice collection of Animal-Related Public Postings.


Werner Herzog discusses his disdain for chickens

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One of the best things about Werner Herzog is that when he talks, he approaches each subject, no matter how trivial or mundane, with the same thoughtful, Teutonic intensity.



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You know what I like about the BBC.

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