Just A Video Of A Japanese Engineer Yodeling To A Bunch Of Chickens In German

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07.22.12 3 Comments

It’s 4:15 p.m. on a Sunday. You’re already thinking of enjoying Breaking Bad or hate-watching The Newsroom, assuming you’re not at a screening of The Dark Knight Rises, adding to the film’s $160 million weekend total. (So much for box office figures not being released.) All you want from the world right now is a dumb, goofy video that reminds you why you love the Internet. Might I, via Reddit, introduce you to Takeo Ischi?

Mr. Ischi is a former engineer from Japan who moved to Europe and became a singer/yodeler, under the tutelage of the famed Franzl Lang. I don’t know what’s going on the music video for “New Bibi Hendl 2011,” but I do know I could watch Ischi sing to chickens for hours and that Google Translate isn’t being helpful with the lyrics:

Gel mei Bibi-Hendl, gel bi-bi
gel mei Bibi-Hendl, jetzt duckst Di!


Bibi-gel my chicken, gel bi-bi
Bibi-gel my chicken, now crouch Di!

“Bibi-gel my chicken” is a catchphrase just waiting to happen.


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