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Professor strips down in front of videos of 9/11 and Hitler

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As the son of an eccentric college teacher myself, there are few things I like better than a crazy professor story.


Earth Shattering News: College Girls Are Trying To Bed Rich Older Men For Money

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My apologies for the sudden upswing in college stories involving horny coeds, but the masses have been demanding more college news and I am here to deliver.


The Coolest Sweatshirt, A Cute Corgi, And Links


Today's links, featuring the sweatshirt of our true alma mater and a cute corgi who doesn't know if she should eat or play.


Questlove To Teach Course On ‘Classic Albums’ At NYU

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The idea of going back to school is downright repulsive to me, but Questlove teaching a class on classic albums is something that I could actually see myself getting excited about.


America’s Latest Youth Scourge: ‘Butt-Chugging’

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Vodka-soaked tampons are so 2011. Butt-chugging is all the rage these days, kids.


Jon Stewart's Advice to College Students


Jon Stewart welcomes students back to school with some sage nutrition advice and words of encouragement.


Back to College: Pros and Cons


Jimmy Fallon runs through the pros and cons of returning to college.


TRAILER: Monsters University, because I always wondered where the monsters matriculated

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I've always been a big Pixar supporter (I DON'T CARE WHO I PISS OFF BY SAYIN' I LOVE WALL-E, I DIDN'T GET WHERE I AM BY BEIN' AFRAID OF CONTROVERSY), but after a couple of Cars movies and Brave looking like the most uninspired of female-protagonist plots (I didn't get to go to my press screening so I can't confirm this yet), you wonder if the brand has lost its luster.

james franco

James Franco may have dicknosed some college kids

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James Franco released the trailer for his possible web series, Undergrads, cryptically and with little fanfare on <a href="" target="_blank">JamesFrancoTV</a>, so it's a little hard to tell yet just how much and how deeply we're being dicknosed.

Benedictine University

Here Is The Most Wonderfully Insane College Recruitment Video You’ll Ever See

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One of the many things that get uploaded to YouTube -- which is now seeing <a href="">a century of video being uploaded to it every ten days</a> -- these days are a slew of college recruitment videos, whether it be for athletics, fraternities, sororities, academic clubs, etc.


Hipsters Are Roaming The Campus > Every Other College Orientation Video

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Facing the grim hipster realities of attending NYU is a challenge for all incoming freshmen, so <a href="" target="_blank">The Reality Show</a>, NYU's award-winning orientation program created this informative video to ease the transition.


Conan O’Brien’s Advice For Graduates


That picture isn't what his advice was, but it's still a good way to start your morning.


University In Japan To Offer The First Doctorate In Manga Studies


Were you happy to hear Dundee University in Scotland is offering country's first doctoral program in Manga Studies.


The Best Of 2011 Commencement Speeches: Clinton, Hanks, Poehler, Denzel, The First Lady And More


This month, college students across the country have donned their caps and gowns, crossed their stages, shook the hands of prominent university and college figureheads, accepted their diplomas and were instantly offered their dream jobs that they've worked so hard to achieve for the past four years.


Is Twilight Really A Higher Education?

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It’s never very shocking when a story pops up about a piece of creative popular culture being used as the basis of a course at an accredited American university.


Turkish Professors Are Way Cooler

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Students and teachers at Bilgi University in Constantinople Istanbul are protesting the firing of three film professors after it was discovered that they allowed a student to film a porno as his thesis.

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