These College Girls Stealing Some Kid’s Shoes Should Be The Plot Of ‘Serial’ Season Two

These are the facts.

Who? Two students, both female.
What? Stolen shoes.
Where? State College, in Pennsylvania.
When? Saturday, September 19, 2015.
How? That’s for you to decide.

State College police are looking for Pennsylvania’s greatest criminal minds since the monster who invented Cheez Whiz indirectly murdered millions of Philadelphians. The incident took place at 255 East Beaver Avenue, where the victim “reported that his Lacoste brand suede shoes were stolen,” according to a press release. “He took off the shoes to enter his apartment briefly and when he returned a few minutes later, they were gone from the hallway.”

What sort of sorcery is this?

Security footage shows two women, one with blonde hair, the other brown, “leaving a party from a neighboring apartment around 1 a.m. and taking the shoes before leaving the building.” The getaway driver: Barbie Jeep girl.

If you have any information on the bandits, please contact the authorities at 814-234-7150, or shoot Sarah Koenig an e-mail. #SerialSeason2

(Via Gawker)