This Is What Happens When You Scream Out Of Your Window At Night In Sweden

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This clip has been around, but it shows a Swedish college tradition that has people howling at the moon.


Watch Steelers WR Antonio Brown Karate Kick Someone In The Face

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Pro-Tip: Kicking someone in the face will likely result in a penalty.

Serge Ibaka And Keri Hilson’s ‘Coming To America’ Halloween Costumes Sh*t On Everything

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Let this post also serve as notice that Oklahoma City Thunder's Serge Ibaka and singer Keri Hilson are apparently an item.

Style Kicks and Gear

Serge Ibaka Wins Halloween As Akeem From “Coming To America”

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Halloween is on Thursday, which means the NBA regular season is about to start (.


As ‘Coming To America’ Celebrates 25 Years, Here Are The Seven Commandments Of Zamunda

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There's the Declaration Of Independence, MLK's "I Have A Dream Speech," the Berlin Wall falling and a few notches down the "groundbreaking moments in history" list lies Coming To America.


UNDRCRWN’s “Zamunda All Stars” Capsule Collection

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Back in 1988, two young Zamundians named Akeem and Semmi landed dead in the middle of Queens, NYC and did their best to blend in by putting together mismatching items of the new land's finest threads.


The Greatest Love of All

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I've got a special treat for you this evening.


11.1 The Cooler

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Collins Twins 5 Reasons Kim Kardashian Filed For Divorce [The Urban Daily] The Best Of Community's Dean Pelton [Uproxx] The Hip-Hop World's Bizarre Co-Sign Of Justin Bieber [West Coast Sound] NBA Jam Exists Because Of Terminator 2 [With Leather] The American Flag On Rap Album [...].


Cop: The King Jaffe Joffer Shirt

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Given the current economic situation coupled with the facts that you're not going to top T-Pain's "Big Ass Chain" or the most ridiculous of rapper chains, why opt for jewelry.


“I Stay With The Semi, Like Eddie In Coming To America…”

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It's readily apparent that I get all types of emails & material in my inbox.

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