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Microsoft Shows ‘Master Chief Collection’, ‘Sunset Overdrive’ And ‘Crackdown’ In An All-Gaming E3 Press Conference

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Microsoft brought nothing but games to E3 and some of them are pretty impressive. Here's a recap of Halo, Call Of Duty, Conker, And More.

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GammaSquad’s 50 Greatest Console Games Of The Past Generation (#30 – 21)

By | 33 Comments

We hit the middle of our big list of the best games of this past console generation...


Five Nominees For The Best Superhero Game Of All Time

By | 53 Comments

We have a discussion about what's the best superhero game of all time... and, of course, offer some nominees.

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Ten Franchises We Want Microsoft To Bring To The Xbox One

By | 34 Comments

The Xbox One will have fifteen new franchises. But if Microsoft is smart, they'll pull out ten more, namely these.

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