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Jai Courtney Might Be Playing Deadshot In ‘Suicide Squad’

By | 25 Comments

Another name may be confirmed for DC's villainous 'Suicide Squad' movie.

suicide squad

So, Who’s Joining The Big-Screen Suicide Squad?

By | 29 Comments

We know that the movie's coming... so who's signing on to fight on the 'Suicide Squad?'


Reminder: Deadshot Takes Aim At ‘Arrow’ Tonight

By | 104 Comments

Floyd finally gets to shoot somebody in an adaptation, tonight on 'Arrow'.


Deadshot Is Coming For ‘Arrow’ With His Fancy Eyepatch

By | 7 Comments

Arrow's third-episode nemesis never misses. Well, he misses a lot if it's a superhero he's aiming at. But he usually never misses.


Deadshot Gets Double Guns in “Arkham City?”


Arkham City is unloading both barrels with the villains; we've seen trailers for Hugo Strange, Harley Quinn, Mr.

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