This is what Batman may be doing in Suicide Squad

As we've been talking about, all of the major studios are touting their upcoming slates at CinemaCon in Las Vegas this week. 

We've already reported on Warner Brothers revealing a significant Justice League character, as well as hinting at the introduction of Green Lantern as an addition to the team. We also heard some of what we can expect from Sony's first Spidey solo film, Spider-Man: Homecoming and whether an extended look at the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot was enough to sell critics on its merits.

Here, Hitfix's Roth Cornet chats with Fandango's Erik Davis about the key news from CinemaCon.

We focus in on the Warner Brothers slate at about minute five in the player above or below.

Davis reports that in his interview with him, Suicide Squad director David Ayer said that they would indeed be doing a great deal of universe building with this film and fans should keep an eye out for easter eggs.

One of the big questions that has come up is exactly when Suicide Squad takes place in relation to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League

As Davis tells it, Ayer gave him a cheeky answer to that query that essentially indicates that Suicide Squad may take place before and after (as well as possibly during) the events of Batman V Superman.

Add to that, when Davis asked Will Smith if his character Deadshot will fight Batman in the film, the actor said, “We meet and it”s not pleasant.”

Davis theorizes that Batman may be rounding up the villains and putting them in prison at the start of the film (which would take place prior to Batman V Superman) and that the actual creation of the Suicide Squad takes place afterward.

Davis also tells us some of what we can expect from Wonder Woman based on the footage that Warner Brothers screened during their panel.

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