GammaSquad Explains: Why Amazon Buying Comixology Is Such A Big Deal


Amazon now owns Comixology... but what does that mean for comics in general?


Reminder: You Can Download Over 700 Marvel #1 Issues For Free Right Now


Assuming you can actually access Marvel's site or Comixology...


Three Reasons Why Digital Comics Aren’t Killing Your Local Comic Book Shop


Your comics shop is surviving the digital revolution where other stores are failing. But why?


Do We Really Need “Smallville: Season 11?”

How "Smallville" stayed on the air for a decade is pretty much completely beyond us.


Digital Comics: Should You Switch?


Until September of this year, it was a pretty clear ebb and flow in comics: Marvel was number one, and DC was number two.


Nook Color Gets a Major Overhaul, Still Needs Hacking

As we've mentioned before, we feel the stock Nook Color with a little Android rammed up in it is the best tablet you can buy, something we're standing behind, especially since we use it to buy comics.


Our Love is Real: a Surprisingly Earnest Tale of Sexual Perversion


This week, writer Sam Humphries (CBGB: The Comic Book, Fraggle Rock) and artist Steve Sanders (Uncanny X-Men: The Heroic Age, Sword, Five Fists of Science) released their perverse sci-fi one-shot Our Love is Real.

Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics To Go On The Pad

There's been a lot of discussion about how the iPad will affect both print and web comics.

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