Reminder: You Can Download Over 700 Marvel #1 Issues For Free Right Now

So, over the weekend Marvel kicked off Marvel #1, one of the cooler digital comic promotions, well, ever? Yeah, we’ll go with ever.

Basically Marvel is offering nearly every #1 issue they’ve ever done for free. First-issues of everything from The Fantastic Four to Devil Dinosaur to recent stuff like Hawkeye and Superior Spider-Man can be yours for nary a cent.

The books are available (in theory) from Marvel’s digital shop, their app or Comixology. I say in theory because this promotion is murdering both Marvel and Comixology’s websites. Marvel #1 is set to end tomorrow at 11pm, although I have a feeling it might get extended due to the technical difficulties, but you never know. So, If you have some free time over the next day-or-so, you may want to take a stab at grabbing yourself some free s–t.

Update – Comixology has “paused” the Marvel #1 promotion. They’ve put up a form you can fill out if you’d like to be notified when the promotion is unpaused. Right now even this form seems to be overloaded. Turns out “hey, here’s 700 free comics” gets a lot of attention — go figure.

via Gizmondo