Iggy Azalea Shares A Story About The Time Nick Young Almost Got Killed By A Dolphin

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Forget Sharknado, forget killer whales, forget those nasty sea creatures UPROXX posts about---forget all that because there's a damn murdering dolphin in Cabo San Lucas and it almost took down one of the NBA's best young stars.

dolphin lover

Check Out The Trailer For ‘Dolphin Lover,’ A Documentary About A Guy Who Had Sex With A Dolphin

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Check out the trailer for the documentary 'Dolphin Lover,' which is about a guy who claims he was seduced by a theme park dolphin.


Jessica Walter Has An Incredible And Disturbing Dolphin Story From The Set Of ‘Flipper’

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Jessica Walter appeared in the 1964 pilot of "Flipper" and all she got was this incredibly disturbing dolphin story.


What’s On Tonight: Gay Dolphins And The Wu-Tang Clan

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A brief reminder that PBS's "Sex in the Wild" is the greatest show on television.


Fired WWE Stars Update: The Funkasaurus Is Going To Japan To Protect Dolphins, Curt Hawkins Has A Death Wish

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In an update on yesterday's WWE firings, Brodus Clay has decided to protest dolphin murder and Curt Hawkins is about to BE murdered.


Meet The Nice Lady Who Gave ‘Sensuous’ Dolphin Handjobs During A NASA Study

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A NASA experiment to teach dolphins language taught at least one dolphin the language of love. Meaning "dolphin handjobs".


‘The Ultimate Fighter’ Contestant Cathal Pendred Saved a Baby Dolphin

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What have you done today? Cathal Pendred from 'The Ultimate Fighter' saved a baby dolphin.

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BBC One’s Undercover Turtle Camera Discovered Something Very Important: Dolphins Love To Get Stoned

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Ninety seconds of dolphins getting high as hell off a puffer fish and floating around aimlessly in the ocean? Yes, please.


Science: Dolphins Are Actually Not That Smart

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Dolphins are widely seen as the peaceful super-smart porpoises of the sea. Turns out, though, they're actually not that bright.


Adorable Baby Dolphin Saved From Plastic Bag


Fishermen free a baby dolphin stuck from a plastic bag, and are rewarded with an adorable gesture.


Here’s a dolphin having sex with a headless fish corpse set to spy music

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This video of a dolphin having sex with a headless fish corpse isn't especially movie related, but I think you'll agree that the way the editor set the video to James Bond-y spy music is very cinematic.


Girl Entertains Dolphin With Gymnastics


Bonnie Anna Kerlin does some tumbling at an aquarium, to the delight of one smiling fan.


Things Are Probably Going To Go Horribly Wrong For The Couple Planning A Dolphin-Assisted Birth

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People now want dolphins to assist them with giving birth, and it's not going to end well.


Baby Laughs Like a Dolphin


If you think traditional baby laughter is adorable, wait until you hear this kid's Flipper laugh.


Dolphin Surfing


A woman wakeboarding in the Sea of Cortez is unexpectedly joined by a pod of dolphins.


Dolphins Save Young Seal


A family of bottlenose dolphins helps a lost seal find it's way back home.


Crawling Dolphin


A dolphin trainer in Sebastopol, Ukraine, named Bogdan Dolgy has trained Gosha, a 15-year-old dolphin, to jump out of the water and crawl about 33 feet alongside a swimming pool.


Walken Around the Christmas Tree (Morning Links)

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[via] MORNING LINKS Anchorman 2 News: Kristen Wiig to play Brick Tamland’s lamp interest |Film Drunk| Frotcast 129: Matt Louv Talks Award Season, A Concerned Letter From His Mom |Frotcast| Have we not learned from Treehouse of Horror XI.

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