Watch This Dolphin Miraculously Return A Miami Heat Dancer’s Phone After She Drops It In The Ocean

Some people have all the luck. For most of us, dropping our phones into a large body of water only results in anguish and a hefty replacement fee. For Miami Heat dancer Teressa Cee, however, a potential disaster ended with one of nature’s most adorable miracles grabbing the phone and returning it to her from the briny depths.

Cee posted a video of the return on her Instagram, where she captioned the short clip with an account of what happened. Apparently, she was swimming with dolphins in the Bahamas when tragedy struck. Wanting to get closer to the dolphins, Cee asked someone to hold her phone. But that person dropped it! Into the Atlantic Ocean! Never fear, though, a dolphin named Cacique had everything under control. She saw her human friend in trouble and gently returned the phone in one piece, wet, but potentially useful (if the dolphin also came up with a bag of rice to immerse the thing in).

Regardless of whether the phone ever works again, though, it’s still a pretty cute story. And it’s definitely one Cee will be able to tell at parties for decades to come to the amusement and jealousy of others. When’s the last time anyone you know had a dolphin return anything to them? Once a bird ate seeds off my head, but, unfortunately, that’s hardly the same thing.

(Via Instagram, h/t Jezebel)

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