A Massive Pod Of Dolphins Was Spotted Off The Coast At Laguna Beach And The Video Is Shocking

Chuck Patterson, a California athlete who is considered an expert in seven different water and snow-related sports is no stranger to jaw-dropping sights. For more than 20 years, Chuck has seen his fair share majestic mountains, he’s surfed Hawaii’s legendary 20-foot big-wave break — Peahi — on snow skis, and he’s even greeted great white sharks face to face on his surfboard and lived to share the Go-Pro footage. Despite Chuck’s absolutely insane bank of experiences, we’re willing to bet few compare to his recent sighting of over 100 baby dolphins swimming along the coast of Laguna Beach, California.

Thanks to the athlete’s knack for capturing the beauty of nature, we now all have amazing video footage of the event posted to Chuck’s Instagram. Likening the massive herd of dolphins to a stampede of wild horses, Chuck finished his Instagram post writing, “Mother Natures amazing wonders never disappoint. Highlighting the importance in protecting this magic by cleaning up our oceans and use of single-use plastics.” Word, Chuck!

Check the video above and take a few minutes to reflect on your summer. It’s halfway over. Maybe more, if you’re still in school. What can you do this very weekend to maximize every second and grow your own experience bank? Want ideas? We’ve GOT ideas!