Don Henley Would Still Like ‘Arrogant’ Frank Ocean To Get Off His Lawn


Don Henley is still holding a serious grudge against Frank Ocean over the sampling of 'Hotel California' for the single 'American Wedding.'

the eagles

Lord Finesse Sues Mac Miller For $10 Million Over Mixtape Track


When The Eagles filed suit against Frank Ocean for sampling their music for usage on a free mixtape, we all knew it wouldn't be the last case of its kind.

Warner Music Group

Is Frank Ocean Facing Legal Trouble For “Nostalgia,Ultra” Song?


It should come as no surprise that The Eagles, Warner Music Group and/or Don Henley are threatening to sue Frank Ocean over his tune "American Wedding.

protect ip act

Washed-Up Musicians Don’t Get the Internet, Either

Don Henley once had the haircut at right, and he was also a member of the Eagles.

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