Diddy Is In ‘Downton Abbey’ Dancing All Up In The Videos

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Well, well, Funny Or Die, you definitely hit this one out of the park.


It’s All About The Pounds, Baby: Watch P Diddy On ‘Downton Abbey’

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When P Diddy meets "Downton Abbey," we have "Downton Diddy."


Sesame Street’s “Upside Downton Abbey”


Nothing is right-side-up when Sesame Street spoofs Downton Abbey.

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Star Wars Into Darkness, Downton Abbey Of Thrones, And Other Mashups


Featured mashup videos of the week, including two takes on JJ Abrams directing 'Star Wars', classic games destroyed by 'Hotline Miami', 'Downton Abbey' plus 'Game Of Thrones', and a cute 'Portal 2' video.


Colbert Mocks Fox News’ Theory That Success Of ‘Downton Abbey’ Proves America Loves Wealthy Aristocrats

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I'm having a hard time believing that a Fox News talking heads actually floated this theory, but I suppose nothing should surprise me at this point.


12 Similarities ‘Downton Abbey’ Has With Shows That You Love

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If you need an excuse to check out 'Downton Abbey,' or simply want to justify your love of the drama, you can argue that it's like these other 12 shows!


'Downton Abbey' Teasers: Fancy Yo Momma Jokes, Y'all

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The first teaser trailers for Season 3 of 'Downton Abbey' are out, and Maggie Smith is dropping some fancy Yo Momma jokes on people.


The Inevitable 'Downton Abbey' – 'Martin' Mashup (and the Morning Links)


The World’s Most Hideous Car Is For Sale On Craigslist — (Uproxx) No One Will Ever Believe You Colored In The Bill Murray Coloring Book — (Uproxx) LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh Celebrated By Rapping With LMFAO — (With Leather) Review: Seeking a Friend for the End of the World — (Film Drunk)


The 8 TV Actresses Stephen Colbert Managed to Top in the Maxim Hot 100

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Each year, readers of Maxim magazine vote on the 100 Hottest Women of the Year.


Maggie Smith May or May Not Be Leaving ‘Downton Abbey’

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Over the weekend, a report surfaced that Maggie Smith would be leaving "Downton Abbey" at the end of the third season.

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Jimmy Fallon Found Out About 'Downton Abbey' And We're All The Better For It


The Downton Abbey meme-ification has been in full effect for awhile, with Downton Tabby and the gleefully swearword-filled Eastbound and Downton Abbey, and then the meme officially arrived once it had its Arrested Development version.

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Pat Riley's Girl Doesn't Sound Great


This makes me want to plug my ears with my fingers and shout-sing DO WAH DIDDY DIDDY DUM DIDDY DO.


Morning Links, The Geekiest Imaginable Way To Spend Your Tuesday Morning


And now, to cleanse your palate, here are 12 links about Peyton Manning.


Your Newly Revealed Sci-Fi Lesbian Fantasy Almost Wore a Corset

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I don't know if you caught it, but in an interview in this week's Out Magazine, Gillian Anderson revealed that, back in the day, she used to mess around with the ladyfolk.

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'Arrested Development' Collides With British Aristocracy In 'Arrested Downton'


First there was Downton Tabby and then the gleefully swearword-filled Eastbound and Downton Abbey, and now the Downton Abbey meme-ification continues with Arrested Downton, a completely-necessary combination of Downton Abbey screencaps with quotes from Arrested Development.


'Eastbound & Downton' — The Video Mashup You've Been Waiting For — Is Here


Earlier in the week I almost choked on my Mexican tacos like a f*ckin' dickhead when Maske introduced us all to "Eastbound & Downton Abbey," the TV mashup Tumblr to end all TV mashup Tumblrs.


The Only Guy Who Can Dunk From Half Court Without Jumping Forward

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JaVale McGee needs to get smart and start destroying people with his naturally occurring biology.


The World Needs More 'Eastbound And Downton Abbey'

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I've been waiting to feel like I've finally got a firm grasp on "who" vs.

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